Fertility@Work #4: Treatment cost

What costs do employees typically have to bear themselves when they undergo fertility treatment? How does this deductible relate to the disposable income of employees? Dr. Zineb Miriam Nouns is a financial expert and financial coach and co-founder of INTO – independent together and she will talk with Julia about how the deductible for fertility treatment compares with the disposable income of different employees.

Fertility@Work #2: Introduction

Due to the great interest in the first webinar, we have decided to repeat this introductory webinar. The webinar is an ideal introduction for HR professionals and managers who would like to learn more about how infertility and an unfulfilled desire to have a child can affect their employees at work and how employers can and should support them on their individual path to parenthood.
Webinar is in German.

FAZ: This is the state of the German start-up scene (in German)

When Julia Reichert decides to put all her eggs in one basket, the world is just coming apart at the seams. In March 2022, a few weeks after the outbreak of the Ukraine war, the management consultant founds her health start-up Onuava. She wants to develop a platform for companies to support employees financially, with information and advice, when it comes to fertility treatment. In German.

KlartextHR: Fertility Benefits – the desire for children and employer branding (in German)

In podcast episode #68 of Klartext HR, Stefan Scheller talks to Dr. Julia Reichert, founder of the platform Onuava, about “Fertility Benefits – the desire for children in employer branding”.

While many employers in the USA and Great Britain already offer so-called fertility benefits, the topic is still largely unknown or taboo in Germany. In German.