Modern companies support their employees on their individual path to parenthood

Employees’ unfulfilled desire to have children can have a negative impact on their motivation and productivity. At the same time, companies become more attractive in the competition for the best talents if they support their employees (and their partners) with fertility benefits.

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Infertility impacts your employees

If the desire to have a child remains unfulfilled for a long time, this can lead to strong emotional and psychological stress for those affected. Involuntary childlessness can affect mental health and sometimes lead to depression. In addition, there are often financial worries with regard to the costs of infertility treatment.

But motivation and productivity at work can also suffer. 68% of those childless-not-by-choice blame stress at work for their childlessness and are less motivated. Unmotivated and emotionally stressed employees are less productive.

In addition, there may be absenteeism due to infertility treatments or miscarriages.

This also affects your employees!

Fertility Benefits for your employees

Modern companies around the world have recognised this and are already supporting their employees in family planning and fulfilling their desire to have children. They provide their employees with counselling and support services on the topic of wanting a child. More and more companies are also supporting their employees financially in fulfilling their desire to have a child, for example by paying for IVF treatment or egg freezing in full or in part. These companies have realised the influence an unfulfilled desire to have children can have on the motivation and productivity of employees. In a competitive labour market, this makes them more attractive to potential employees.

If you also support your employees in difficult life situations, this has a positive effect on employee satisfaction and loyalty. An opportunity: In an increasingly competitive market for talent, offering fertility benefits can be a bonus. In the US, 68% of employees say they would change employers for better fertility benefits.

We are your partner if you want to support your employees with fertility benefits.

This can range from providing a support and counselling service for your employees to subsidising or covering the costs of fertility treatments. We offer companies of all sizes and from all industries the right package. We can tailor our offer to their individual needs, employee composition, business objectives and budget.

Our qualified team of infertility counsellors offers your employees personalised care and counselling at every stage of their childbearing journey. This means that your employees always have a competent advisor at their side for all decisions related to the desire to have a child.

Why Onuava?

Our founder has had personal experience with infertility and fertility treatments, and has understood how infertility can affect motivation and productivity at work.

We have a qualified team and value the experience and qualifications of our staff. We know the various fertility centres in Germany and Europe in detail, and can therefore ensure that we only recommend quality-checked fertility centres.

Through our team of medical advisors, we ensure that our members always have access to the latest medical knowledge and treatment methods.

We are a young, dynamic company, so we can adapt to their specific needs.

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