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Our blog for all those, who want to learn more about fertility matters at work: how fertility, miscarriage and childlessness-not-by-choice impact your employees at work, and how companies can support their employees during this difficult life stage.


Challenges of the menopause: How employers can support their female employees

More and more companies are recognizing the importance of supporting their female employees during the menopause. For women, this phase of life is associated with hormonal changes and can be accompanied by a variety of symptoms such as hot flushes, sleep disorders or concentration problems. These can have an impact on their health and productivity. This article presents some starting points on how employers can specifically support their female employees during the menopause. After all, an appreciative and health-promoting working environment not only contributes to the well-being of female employees, but also to their long-term performance and the preservation of their working capacity.

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ESG im Unternehmen

The S in ESG – What companies and HR teams can do

More and more companies are recognizing that the “S” in ESG plays a decisive role in their long-term success. But what exactly is behind this letter? In our article, we explain why social responsibility is becoming increasingly important and what measures companies and specifically HR teams can take to promote social benefits and live up to their responsibilities.

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Gen Z

Gen Z expects Fertility & Family Building Benefits

Fertility in society is declining among men and women for a variety of reasons. Now, new studies show that Gen Z – more than any other generation before – is concerned about their own fertility. At the same time, offering fertility & family building benefits is also increasingly important to this generation when choosing an employer.

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Familienfreundliche Benefits

The Top 5 Family-friendly Benefits of 2024

At a time when work-life balance is becoming increasingly important for many employees, the importance of family-oriented benefits in employer positioning is also growing. In this article, we explain what the 5 most important family-oriented benefits will be in 2024.

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Lesbisches Paar

Fertility Benefits are Diversity Benefits

By introducing fertility benefits, companies can consciously promote diversity within the organisation. Not only do they support women (and couples) in a difficult phase of life through fertility benefits, but rainbow families also benefit disproportionately from this benefit. In this article, we explain why.

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