Information about fertility at work

Our blog for all those, who want to learn more about fertility matters at work: how fertility, miscarriage and childlessness-not-by-choice impact your employees at work, and how companies can support their employees during this difficult life stage.

Gen Z

Gen Z expects Fertility & Family Building Benefits

Fertility in society is declining among men and women for a variety of reasons. Now, new studies show that Gen Z – more than any other generation before – is concerned about their own fertility. At the same time, offering fertility & family building benefits is also increasingly important to this generation when choosing an employer.

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Familienfreundliche Benefits

The Top 5 Family-friendly Benefits of 2024

At a time when work-life balance is becoming increasingly important for many employees, the importance of family-oriented benefits in employer positioning is also growing. In this article, we explain what the 5 most important family-oriented benefits will be in 2024.

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Lesbisches Paar

Fertility Benefits are Diversity Benefits

By introducing fertility benefits, companies can consciously promote diversity within the organisation. Not only do they support women (and couples) in a difficult phase of life through fertility benefits, but rainbow families also benefit disproportionately from this benefit. In this article, we explain why.

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