Queb Blog: What Employers Need to Know About Fertility & Family Building Benefits.

Dr Julia Reichert, co-founder and CEO of ONUAVA, was a guest at Queb Bundesverband. ONUAVA brings the topic of fertility & family building benefits from the USA to the DACH region. In the interview, Julia shares her personal motivation behind the founding of ONUAVA, an end-to-end benefits platform that ranges from social freezing to adoption support and more. The aim is to make it possible to fulfil the desire to have children regardless of financial means.

Heidelberg: Breaking down a taboo topic with courage: Onuava in the Spillover Podcast

Dr Julia Reichert and Katharina Jung were guests on the City of Heidelberg’s SPILLOVER-podcast.

Last year, the Heidelberg Start-up Award was announced for the first time. The company Onuava, founded by Dr Julia Reichert and Katharina Jung, won the prize in the “Courage” category.

Courage characterises them because they are tackling an absolutely taboo subject – “infertility” – that hardly anyone else talks about openly. With their start-up, they want to support companies and their employees on their individual path to their dream child. To this end, they offer
They offer employers in German-speaking countries services for employee benefits on this topic.

SAATKORN: ONUAVA CEO Dr Julia Reichert in the SAATKORN Podcast

In this SAATKORN podcast episode, ONUAVA co-founder and CEO Dr Julia Reichert is our guest. We talk about Fertility & Family Building Benefits.
The topic has long been relevant in the USA and the UK, with the big tech companies all offering fertility and family building counselling services.
In the DACH region, the topic is not yet so widespread. However, it has a huge emotional and financial impact on the people affected if their desire to have children is not fulfilled.

At Peach with Money: “The desire to have children costs money and companies can retain staff if they make this privilege more accessible!” Dr Julia Reichert makes family planning a top priority

1 in 6 people in Germany are affected by an unfulfilled desire to have children. The treatments are so expensive that they have so far only been available to a privileged minority. Dr Julia Reichert, co-founder of Onuava, has set out to change this. With Onuava, she has set out to bring fertility and family building benefits to German companies. From serious counselling and support for employees during the difficult phase of fertility treatment to financial support from employers.

FAZ: This is the state of the German start-up scene (in German)

When Julia Reichert decides to put all her eggs in one basket, the world is just coming apart at the seams. In March 2022, a few weeks after the outbreak of the Ukraine war, the management consultant founds her health start-up Onuava. She wants to develop a platform for companies to support employees financially, with information and advice, when it comes to fertility treatment. In German.